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Welcome to the online annual report 2008 of War Child

In order to give you a clear and transparent view on the 2008 results, War Child presents its annual report with this special online edition. Thanks to an innovative navigation, called facet navigation, you will find what you are looking for in a couple of clicks. Thanks to the sponsorship of Facetbase this online annual report has been created totally free of costs. The printed annual report has been designed by design agency 52 graden noorderbreedte. 52graden also provided parts of this online version.

War Child in 2008

Welcome to the online annual report 2008 of War Child

Numerous conflicts across the globe made 2008 another year with many victims, including a large number of children. They lost their families, their homes, their schools were destroyed and they had to flee resulting in fear, nightmares and aggression. As in previous years, this year we set ourselves the task to assist these children become stronger, to return their childhoods to them, to improve their relationships with their peers and to reintegrate them into society after having been a child solder. In 2008 War Child reached 865,000 children and young people as well as some 212,000 adults in 13 countries, including Lebanon and Burundi, where we started in 2008.


Many volunteers, friends, donors, corporate sponsors and partners, institutional donors, goodwill ambassadors and co-workers have made War Child’s growth possible. Thanks to your efforts, producing a stunning 33% growth in revenue, War Child has grown by 36% in our project countries.

Freedom from Fear

In order to contribute to a structural solution to the problems faced by children suffering from war, we have once again generated a great deal of attention for their situation. In May War Child received the prestigious Freedom From Fear Award, an enormous recognition of our work. Even Moreover, it was an important occasion to highlight the fate of children suffering from war across the globe. December saw the launch of the compelling film Wit Licht (White Light) which was attended by Princess Maxima and Crown Prince Willem-Alexander as well as a number of government ministers.

Maarten van Dijk

Chairman of the board, War Child Holland